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Yiwen Su

Instructor Introduction: Photo of Dr. Yiwen Su Yiwen Su, OMD, L.Ac. started his eight years full time TCM university training in 1980 at Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. After years of teaching and practicing in Chengdu University and its attached hospital, Dr. Su have gained 14 years of teaching and practicing experience in Germany, Israel, Canada and U.S.A. Dr. Su's encyclopedic knowledge and unique teaching style have made him one of the most popular instructors in a few renown U.S. acupuncture schools, namely Emperor's college in California, Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine in Seattle. Due to his expertise and clinical experience in the Western countries, Dr. Su has had very successful clinics in Israel, and U.S. A.

The following are some of Dr. Su's teaching evaluation and patient testimonials:

"Dr. Su has an amazing knowledge of herbs and formulas and an insightful way of presenting them. I especially appreciate the ways that he brings insight and correlations to Chinese culture."; "Dr. Su is a magical storyteller and not only in a lyrical way, but in true transmitting the essence of what herbs are and how they work in a way that is engaged and vital."- Quoted from "Course Evaluation Form-Materia Medica / Herbal Formulas 2-Winter 2005" at Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine.

"Dr. Su is so knowledgeable and articulate in discussing herbs and formulas. I appreciate his anecdotes and sharing of personal experiences with the herbs." "Excellent class-I especially enjoy Dr. Su's organic way of describing the herbs-with tangible descriptions and examples of the functions and uses of the herbs."-Quoted from "Course Evaluation Form-Materia Medica / Herbal Formulas 3-Summer 2005" at Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine.

"Dr. Su teaches a variety of classes at NIAOM and receives consistently good evaluations from students in all of his classes."-Quoted from "Formal Evaluation by the Director, Academic Programs" at NIAOM

"Dr. Su is very knowledgeable and also very humorous-he tells funny stories to make the class fun. I really like Dr. Su a lot and am glad he is here at NIAOM."; "Dr. Su has a great deal of clinical experience with these conditions."-Quoted from "Course Evaluation Tally Form-Acupuncture Therapeutics Immunology /Dermatology-Fall 2001"

"I appreciate Dr. Su's vast knowledge of TCM/acupuncture. He really makes the medicine live."; "Well-organized and very clear presentation"-Quoted from "Course Evaluation Tally Form-Acupuncture Therapeutics-Digestive-Winter 2001"

"Dr. Su does an excellent job of discussing the herbs and formulas in a way that we learn and understand them. He is a great teacher."; Instructor gives great examples of diseases Western and TCM."; "Very thorough and knowledgeable."- Quoted from "Course Evaluation Tally Form-OM Therapeutic Digestive- Winter 2000"

"Dr. Su's expert knowledge of the subject."; "Clear and concise. Learned some key formulas pretty darn well."; "Dr. Su is excellent! So is Li Jin."; "Su and Jin are NIAOM's strongest pair."-Quoted from "Course Evaluation Tally Form-Herbal Formula I-Fall 2000"

"Dr. Su is the major strength of this course…his knowledge of TCM very deep."; "Dr. Su! Excellent choice to teach this subject."; "Great review and discussion / overview of what we've learned in real case studies."-Quoted from "Course Evaluation Tally Form- Clinical Problem Solving II- Fall 1999"

"Dr. Su's knowledge is encyclopedic"; "My most solid academic and clinical experiences have been with him."; "Dr. Su is an excellent supervisor. His genuineness is infectious. He is encouraging, honest, supportive, and very very knowledgeable. It was great to witness what this medicine can actually do."-Quoted from "Clinical Faculty Evaluation Summary Sheet, Winter 2002".

"Dr. Su-please know that we, your students, have nothing but the highest respect for your expertise and superlative conduct as a member of both the clinic and college. As an instructor, you have raised our own standards for excellence, demanding true comprehension of the material presented and have guided us toward excellence as heath practitioners. Recognizing how essential and rare such a leadership is, we would suffer a great loss in your leaving…"
Quoted from an evaluation from students at Emperors College of TOM in 1999.

Over the past 12 years I have been dealing with chronic and often severe skin ailments of several different kinds over six areas of my body. I sought out allopathic medicine to no avail, as well as many modalities of natural and herbal therapies, and acupuncture with no lasting results. After just three treatments of acupuncture and Chinese herbs with Dr. Su, my skin conditions improved dramatically. Now after four months under his care, my skin has returned to normal, there has been no recurrence of symptoms, and I am again able to perform my regular daily activities.-Lynn B. from Seattle.

I have had intermittent asthma, sinusitis and eczema over the last 3 years, most recently I experienced severe asthma, sinusitis, eczema which was not responsive to steroids or antibiotics. I have now been coming to Dr. Su for acupuncture for 6 weeks; asthma is improved, eczema is improved as well as the sinusitis. I am so glad to be feeling better!-Pat L., from Seattle.

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