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Jian Wang

Instructor Introduction: Photo of Dr. Jian Wang Dr. Wang Jian
Chief physician, professor, and tutor of Ph.D.
Director of TCM Centre for AIDS Prevention and Treatment, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences
Leader of National Project on Therapeutical Research on AIDS with TCM
Member of China Association of Provention and Control of STD/AIDS

Date of Birth: June 12th, 1962
Sex: Male
Major: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Graduation: China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences
Degree: Master

He has been working on HIV/AIDS treatment by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for over twenty years, having abundant experience on how to treat HIV/AIDS. He has been to Tanzania for three years, giving effective traditional Chinese medical care to HIV/AIDS patients there. He has been in charge of 5 national research projects on HIV/AIDS treatment by TCM. He is also very active at exchanging ideas with colleagues worldwide, for he took part in the World AIDS Conference at Spain, Thailand, Canada,Mexican city in the past.

Courses avaible for Jian Wang:

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