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Yonghe He

Instructor Introduction: Photo of Dr. Yonghe He

Sex: Male
Professor in oncology department of Guan Anmen Hospital attached to China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, a visiting professor on Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Working Experience:
1: July, 1986 - graduated from TCM department of Hunan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
2: January to June, 1990 - advanced study on internal medicine department of Tumour Hospital attached to China Academy of Medical Sciences
3: May to October, 1993 - advanced study on interventional treatment of malignant tumors in radiology department of Hospital of Beijing University
4: November, 1999 to April, 2000 - bronchoscopy technology study on endoscopy room of Beijing Tumour Hospital attached to Beijing University
5: July, 2007 - obtained master degree of clinical medicine from China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

Long time working in first-line of oncology department, I have rich experiences to differentiate and treat various benign and malignant tumors with application of traditional Chinese medicine, have deep research on principles and prescriptions of tumor treatment.
Combined with ancient medical literatures, I have researched occurrence and metastasis mechanism of benign and malignant tumors with TCM theories and clinic. I have written articles including "Collaterals of Malignant Tumors", "Introduction of Internal Wind", "Introduction of Malignant Tumors Metastasis Treated by Chinese and Western Medicines", "Relation of Wind with Malignant Tumors Metastasis", "Treatment Principles of Malignant Tumors - to Remove Wind". I have firstly pointed that Internal Wind is basic etiology of malignant tumors and root cause of tumor metastasis, so I have found new research direction for treatment of tumors and controlling tumors metastasis.
Since 1993, I have started malignant tumors interventional therapy involved primary or secondary tumors happened on liver, gallbladder, pancrease, lung, stomach, spleen, kidney, ovary, urinary bladder, large intestine, breasts, bone etc, we are early to carry out intra-arterial treatment of anti-cancer herbal prescription, and we have done clincial research of severe toxicity of interventional therapy prevented and treated by Chinese herbs.

Courses avaible for Yonghe He:

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