Clinical Observation of Treatment of 52 Cases of Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion Given by Method of Reinforcing Kidney and Invigorating Flow of Blood [1]

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Herbal Clinical Practice / Gynecology and Obstetrics [2]

Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion (RSA) is one of the common obstetrics and gynecology diseases. TCM treatment for RSA has its particular effect and advantage. The obstetrics and gynecology disease patients in our hospital were randomly divided into observation group (52 cases) and contrast group (34 cases). Treatment method: for observation group, taking herbs with function of reinforcing kidney and invigorating flow of blood before pregnancy, Bu Gu Zhi [3], Chuan Xu Duan [4], Sang Ji Sheng [5], Tu Si Zi [6], Gou Qi Zi [7], Yin Yang Huo [8], Chuan Xiong [9], Dan Shen [10], Hong Hua [11], Dang Gui [12], Chi Shao [13] Yao, Ze Lan [14] etc, according to syndrome differentiation, adding proper dosage of herbs with function of tonifying spleen and reinforcing qi and blood, such as Huang Qi [15], Dang Shen [16], Bai Zhu [17], Shu Di Huang [18], Shan Yao [19], Bai Shao [20] etc, if the patients do not want to take herbal decoction, they can use Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan, 1 pill each time, 2 times per day, Xue Fu Zhu Yu Capsule 6 capsules per time, 2 times each day. For contrast group: before pregnancy, taking aspirin 50mg per day, after pregnancy, using heparin 50mg intradermal injections, 2 times per day, or 50-75mg intravenously guttae, 1 time per day, 10-14 days are one course, after that, changing to oral taking aspirin, if the patients have more than 3 times abortion, APA positive, after pregnancy, they should take prednisone 5-20mg per day, 7 days later, changing to heparin, aspilin discontinuously using for 3 months or more, the longest course can reach 20 weeks after pregnancy.

Treatment result: pregnancy with term delivery, or is not term delivery but the infant can survive, we consider these situation as effective. The total effective rates are 92.3% and 70.6% in treatment group and contrast group.

Key Words: Method of Reinforcing Kidney and Invigorating Flow of Blood, treatment, Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion, Clinical Observation

Writer: Shuwen Tang
Obstetric and gynecologic department, Tianjin city Bao Di district people’s hospital (301800)