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Internal Medicine

Dizziness is commonly seen disease in middle or old aged persons. In TCM, dizziness is mostly caused by flare up of liver yang, retention of middle energizer by phlegm and dampness, qi and blood deficiency, kidney essence deficiency. Miraculous Pivot said “when deficient qi can not fill up brain, there will be tinnitus, dizziness and blurred vision”, Xichun Zhang in Qing Dynasty said “when qi in the chest becomes deficient, qi can not push blood to go upward, so blood on the head will be deficient. We should mainly use herbs to benefit qi with combination to nourish blood and guidance to promote qi and blood circulation in meridians and collaterals”. We applies theory of ancient time and self make Yi Qi Sheng Yang Huo Xue Tang with large amount of Huang Qi and Dang Shen to benefit qi, Dang Gui and Chuan Xiong to nourish and activate blood, Shan Zhu Yu to benefit liver and kidney, Ge Gen to ascend yang, Shui Zhi, Di Long to remove stasis, Gan Cao to balance all of herbs. This prescription can benefit qi and blood, reinforce liver and kidney, activate blood and promote meridians, improve hemorheology, clear radical, strengthen endodermis cell in the blood vessels. We select 60 cases that are randomly divided into treatment group and control group, both groups take sibelium 5mg, twice a day. Treatment group adds Yi Qi Sheng Yang Huo Xue Tang: Huang Qi 45g, Dang Shen 15g, Dang Gui 10g, Chuan Xiong 10g, Shan Zhu Yu 10g, Ge Gen 25g, Shui Zhi 6g ( to powder and twice, intake with warming water ), Di Long 12g, Gan Cao 5g. Water decoction, twice a day, one dose a day. Continue 20 days are one course, make observation 10 days when course finishes. Observation indexes: mild or severe degree and how long of dizziness, accompanied symptoms such as tinnitus or vomiting. Treatment result: total effective rate of treatment group is 93.3%; that of control group is 76.7%, two groups have significant difference.

Key words: Method of Benefiting Qi and Activating Blood, Qi Deficiency and Blood Stasis, dizziness

Writer: Youcai Zhou, Yueming Lin, Jianchuan Chen
Longhai TCM Hospital, Fujian (363100)


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