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Internal Medicine

According to the writer's thirty years experiences, there are three treasures in the body including essence, qi and vitality. Qi is functional foundation of life, there qi is lived withou qi is dead. This qi refers to genuine qi that is also genuine yang. When the physicians face of excess heat, and deficent heat patients, their conditions require to be applied bitter cold or nourishing yin and reducing fire herbs, the physicians need to pay attention to the treatment, because of "left a trace of genuine yang, there is a chance of survival." Ancients of TCM believed that do not rashly use herbs with reducing nature for women at the age of 35 and men at the age of 40 for prevention damaging of genuine yang. Genuine yang is fire of vital gate, primary yang and genuine qi of the body. For example, for treatment of flare up of heart fire, we add small dosage of heat herbs to induce fire back to genuine region, Xi Xin 1g, or Fu Zi 1g on the modification of formula of Dao Chi San, or San Huang Xie Xin Tang, or Xuan Mai Gan Ju Tang. Another example, men's sexual excitement is caused by yin deficiency leading to fire, Zhi Mu and Huang Bai cannot be applied, only need to use a large amount of Xuan Shen 50-100g or Fu Zi 1g or Rou Gui 1g in Zeng Ye Tang.                                   

Key words: Importance, Genuine Yang

Writer: Lijun Sun, Fengxuan Wang
Recovery Center, Hainan People's Hospital, Haikou, Hainan 570311


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