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Nei Jing

The five zang-organs is the foundation of the body’s vigor. The head is the house of the essential qi and spirit. If the head droops and the eye socket sink, the essential qi and spirit will be deprived. The back is the house of the chest. If the back is curved and the shoulders droop, the heart and lungs will be ruined. The loins are the house of the kidneys. If shaking and turning are incapable, the kidneys will be ruined. The knees are the house of the tendons. If the patient cannot bend or stretch, and he is curved and must lean on things to walk, the tendons will be ruined. The bones are the house of the marrow. If the patient cannot stand long and vibrates when walking, the bones will be ruined. One who increases vigor will live; one who loses vigor will die.

Key Words: discussion of profundity and subtlety of pulse essentials, in the plain questions


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