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Internal Medicine

1. Clinical research on randomized control of doxorubicin heart toxicity prevention
All theses 33 cases are diagnosed as malignant tumor by pathology. Apply joint program including doxorubicin for all the cases chose; apply CHOP program for non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma cases; apply ABVD program for hodgkin's disease cases; apply  chose CAP program for squamous cell carcinoma of the Lung cases and transitivity squamous carcinoma cases, apply VAP program for lung adenocarcinoma cases and transitivity adenocarcinoma cases; apply COA program for undifferentiated cell carcinomaof lung and undifferentiated peritoneal carcinomatosis cases; apply CAF program for breast cancer cases; apply MFA for gastric cancer; apply MPA program for liver cancer; and apply CAVD program for leiomyosarcoma cases. Yi Xin Bu Qi capsule is made of Ren Shen, Huang Qi, prepared Fu Zi, Tian Qi, and Ling Zhi, etc. choose self random contrast as the random methods, viz., the first course is prevention treatment group, and the second course is prevention control group. For one case, the chemotherapy regimen and doses are complete same in both treatment and control groups. For the treatment group, take in Yi Xin Bu Qi capsule during receiving chemotherapy, 6 pills once, 3 times a day and continue for one weeks. Other medications and symptomatic treatments are same.
Results: comparing with the occurrence of heart toxicity before and after treatments, the treatment group is much more less than the control group with significant difference (P<0.01).

Key words: Yi Xin Bu Qi Capsule, heart disease toxicity, Chinese herbs, prevention and treatment, doxorubicin

Writer: Jianhua Cheng, Weisheng Liu, Chunyong Chen, Liuning Li, Diying Zhu, Yanli Bin, Ying Zhang

Foundation item: sponsored by State Chinese medicine Administration Bureau project (96133)
Guangdong Chinese medicine hospital (510120)


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