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TCM History

Qingren Wang, a medical doctor in Qing dynasty, wrote a book entitled Corrections on the Errors of Medical Work on the basis of what he had discovered during autopsies and his own clinical practice. He corrected the errors in autopsy of ancient medical books,emphasized the importance of autopsy to a doctor, and developed the theory that blood stasis would result in diseases, and the methods of treating these kinds of diseases.  
In the last l00 years, with the widespread using of Western medicine in China, many healthcare providers have realized that Chinese medicine and Western medicine have their own advantages. Efforts have been made to combine these two systems and put forward a series of ideas on how to assimilate the two systems in theory and practice.
As a matter of fact,Chinese and western medicines are two medical sciences with different theoretical systems developed under different historical conditions. They both are intelligence and wisdom of all mankind. Either of them has merits and shortcomings. So they should cooperate with and learn from each other. It is predictable that Chinese medicine and Western medicine will gradually merge because of the rapid advance of the world’s science and technology and the steady development of Chinese medicine and Western medicine in practice and theory.
Traditional Chinese medicine now is facing new stage.

Key Words: TCM, Qing Dynasty and Afterward


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