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The 12 Divergent Meridians and 15 Collaterals

The collaterals are the transverse branches which bifurcate from the channels.

There are fifteen collaterals in all, that is , each of the twelve regular channels has a collateral,plus the Ren and Du channels,and the great collateral of the spleen.

These collaterals are distributed in certain areas of the body.On the four limbs, the collaterals of the yin channels run towards the yang channels which are exteriorly-interiorly related;while the collaterals of the yang channels run to their exteriorly-interiorly related yin channels.On the trunk, the collateral of the Ren channel spreads over the abdomen.The collateral of the Du channel disperses throughout the head and branches off to join the Taiyang channel of the foot. The great collateral of the spleen is distributed over the chest and hypochondriac regions.

The collaterals strengthen the function of the twelve regular channels and closely connect the exterior-interior related channels.They also assist the transportation and distribution of qi and blood in order to moisten and nourish the whole body.

Table  Distribution of the Fifteen collaterals
Collateral                     Point                       Connection
Hand Taiyin               Lieque (LU7)Luo-Connecting Point the Eight Confluent Point(Lieque (LU7)Luo-Connecting Point the Eight Confluent Point)              Hand Yangming
Hand Shaoyin           Tongli (HT5) Luo-Connecting Point(Tongli (HT5) Luo-Connecting Point)                Hand Taiyang
Hand Jueyin              Neiguan (PC6) Luo-Connecting Point the Eight Confluent Point(PC)             Hand Shaoyang
Hand Yangming        Painli(Pianli (LI6) Luo-Connecting Point)                  Hand Taiyin
Hand Taiyang           Zhizheng (SI7) Luo-Connecting Point(Zhizheng (SI7) Luo-Connecting Point)            Hand Shaoyin
Hand Shaoyang        Waiguan (TE5) Luo-Connecting Point the Eight Confluent Point(SJ5)          Hand Jueyin
Foot Yangming         Fenglong (ST40) Luo-Connecting Point(Fenglong (ST40) Luo-Connecting Point)       Foot Taiyin
Foot Taiyang            Feiyang (BL58)(Feiyang (BL58))          Foot Shaoyin
Foot Shaoyang         Guangming (GB37) Luo-Connecting Point(Guangming (GB37) Luo-Connecting Point)   Foot Jueyin
Foot Taiyin               Gongsun (SP4) Luo-Connecting Point, The Eight Confluent Point(Gongsun (SP4) Luo-Connecting Point, The Eight Confluent Point)           Foot Yang ming
Foot Shaoyin            Taichong (LR3) Shu-Stream, Yuan-Source Point(Taichong (LR3) Shu-Stream, Yuan-Source Point)         Foot Taiyang
Foot Jueyin               Ligou (LR5) Luo-Connecting Point(Ligou (LR5) Luo-Connecting Point)               Foot Shaoyang
Ren Channel             Wuyi (ST15)(Wuyi (ST15))              Over abdomen
Du Channel              Changqiang (GV1) Luo-Connecting Point(DU1)    Over the head
Great Collateral       Dabao (SP21) Major Luo-Connecting Point of the Spleen(Dabao (SP21) Major Luo-Connecting Point of the Spleen)           Over chest and hypochondrum of Spleen


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